updated August 2019

Products, Parts and Supplies Used

Added here is a collection of parts and supplies I used for my truck. Whenever possible, always use Genuine Toyota Parts or OEM. Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this page, though there is no additional cost to you. Unless otherwise indicated, all parts listed below were purchased by myself, for myself. I chose these items for their own merits, not for an endorsement.

Genuine Toyota Parts

  • Dual Stage Thermostat (90916-03070) - Got a Temp Guage that almost redlines when you're going uphill or running it out on the freeway? This little gem will fix you right up! Don't forget the gasket!
  • Thermostat Gasket (16341-35010)
  • Original Thermostat (90916-03078) - This is the original factory T-Stat, I highly recommend the dual stage above.
  • Non-US Windshield Gasket (56121-89117) - Use of this gasket eliminates the chrome trim.
  • Sunroof Wind Deflector Clips (63227-17010) - These clips help keep the wind deflector from rattling with the sunroof up or out.
  • Tailgate anti-rattle clips (65778-89104) - These clips are the plastic version (1985+) of 89102 and keep the tailgate straps from rattling. 89102 is the older (pre-1985) version made of rubber but is discontinued. If you can find an 84 4Runner at a junk yard, grab the rubber version as they are far superior!

Automotive Parts

Upgraded Parts

Products and Supplies

*Some of these parts aren't specific to my model year, but still worked and function properly (as far as I can tell). Your mileage may vary!