posted October 2019

22R-E Supra AFM Upgrade

I'm still gathering the parts for this upgrade, but I've already got the most important piece (besides the 22R-E motor): an AFM out of a 1982 Toyota Celica Supra.

Additional parts needed:

  • 3" Intake Hose (need to design the selected shape)
  • 3" Clamps
  • Cone Filter

Here's the basic gist... the Supra AFM is a 3" round port AFM, and the 1982 version is special in that the internal pinouts of the plug are EXACTLY the same as my 1st Gen 4Runner*. I also plan to move the filter and air inlet to the passenger side of the vehicle. This will provide space for a future project of dual batteries and set me up to add a passenger side snorkel as well. I'll need to design a path for the intake hose, custom mount the AFM to the passenger side of the engine bay, hook up the new cone filter, and extend the existing AFM harness to the passenger side.

I'll be designing the intake hose path around the parts available at Silicone Intakes and I plan to pick up one of their cone filters as well. Silicone Intakes is a Colorado based company that has their own parts manufactured to their own specifications. Check 'em out!

As I progress through this project, I'll keep this page up to date.

*Until I complete this project, this information is UNVERIFIED! Do NOT blame me if you attempt this project and find it does not work for you. Also, please note that I have read conflicting articles that the 1982 AFM may not work for 88.5+ 22R-E engines.